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Dusre din main bathroom mai nahane chala gaya, par kapde bahar ki bhool gaya, to maine mami ko aawaj lagayi, woh daudi chali aayi. Wo mere haath main ...apde rakh hi rahi thi, ki main bola:” mami meri peeth pe saban laga dogi, bahut dino se nahi lagaya”Mami:” mai kaise lagau”Main:” kyun, mami ki peeth pe nahi lagayi kya”Mami:” chup badmash” aur wo seducing smile ke sath bathroom me aayi.Kya lag rahi thi woh, link color ke gown main. Mera to man kar raha tha ke abhi use ghodi band ke idle chadh. I texted the guy and asked if it was ok for a woman to watch us. After a long pause, he said ok. Around this time, I had received messages from the other two guys wanting to hook up also. I asked the first guy how he felt about company and he said the more the merrier.I told the other 2 guys that there would be several people and that we would love for them to join us. They quickly agreed. I sent them all my address and ran home. Lisa quickly closed up the bar and came over. I put some hot. I hadn't expected this but was becoming very turned on when I realized that he was trying to get a look at her pussy. Cherry had her knees drawn up about half way to her stomach and as the cleaner lifter her nightie up over her waist, her shaved pussy lips could be easily seen protruding between her legs. He placed his hand on her waist and shook her again to be sure and when she didn't move he gently ran one finger over her pussy as her got down close to have a good look. He used to hands as. After a quick explanation of what I was doing he was so kind to sit with me until hubby got there. Five drinks down and feeling comfortable the topic of sex came up, now in my wheelhouse. I think I embarrassed the young buck or at least I gave him some great ideas. Time flew and before I knew it he was two hours late which meant he wasn’t coming. My new friend walked me to the elevator where I told him I got it from here 424. Maybe it was going from such a large room to the tight space.

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