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"Can you feel how much you excite me, Steve?" Yes! You're all wet." Steve hooked his fingers into the waistband of my panties and began pulling them d...wn. I rotated my hips to help, and he slid my panties down my legs to my ankles. As I raised one foot, Steve slipped the panties over my shoe, and then we did the same with the other. He picked up my panties, looked at the damp spot and tossed them aside. He turned back to me, ran his hands up my legs, and slid his fingers slowly into my bush. I maintain my hand stroking Mr. R and he is soon hard and ready. So I redouble my efforts on Anthony, using my hand and mouth on his cock, pumping with my hand and sucking on the head, creating suction that has the head locked in my mouth. When I break the suction and drive my mouth back down, I can feel that it is deeper than before, I can feel it hitting in the back of my mouth and I focus even more. I pull my mouth off and gasp for air, looking at the effect my efforts have had and I am. She squeezed the base and my entire rod throbbed in her hand. Laura smiled, licking her red lips…I had to use all my will power to keep from cumming when that hot woman took hold of my cock. I told her she was close to making me cum in her hand… But she said that she was about to cum just watching and holding my dick.I told her it was enough and she stopped smiling…Picking up her blouse, she slipped it over her head and again turned toward me. She asked if it was fine for me to see her hard. She made eye contact, lifting her green eyes to meet his, her words tumbling and stumbling out of her mouth. “Does it feel like I am avoiding you, love?” she asked, smiling as she felt the bulge growing beneath her bestockinged right foot. He said nothing, pushing his chair squeakily back, her foot falling back to the floor as he stood. Oh fuck, she had forgotten how handsome, how stupidly handsome, he could be. He walked around to her side of the table, laying a calloused hand on her left.

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