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Now. I kissed down your neck and down your body as I got down on my knees and lifted up your sundress to reveal the black lace thong you had on. I pul...ed it off with my teeth, While you instinctively put your legs over my shoulders. I kissed up the inside of your thighs all the way to your knees. You rolled your hips in anticipation. I kissed my way back down your legs and after a slight pause to build suspense, I slid my tongue into you. You gasped and whispered my name. It was all so. He pulled out of Jane and stood behind Diana, transfixed by the sight of his arm thrust up her arse. ‘What the fuck are you doing, her poor arse it must fucking hurt having your whole fucking hand up it,’ Jane said angrily. ‘It’s OK Jane it doesn’t hurt its just unusual, men have fisted my arse before but they didn’t bother with any slippery stuff. It used to hurt me very much, but Jonny is very gentle and he doesn’t hurt my bum.’ ‘Try and gently pull your hand out of her arse you clumsy. She drops to her knees once more, her covered pussy staring right at you. You reach for her with another bill in your hand. This time, though, the dancer isn’t moving to help you out. Your fingers find the top of her panties, pull them back slightly, and you slide the bill in. She turns back to you, still on the ground. I swear it looks like she wants to kiss you right there. Instead, she stands again. She reaches for her corset and slowly begins unzipping it as she takes a step toward you. You. I would be delighted to drive you home", he said."Thank you Trevor" she cooed. "I would be so grateful". Her gratitude was not only in words, but physical as well, she now clung onto him so when they were invited to join the 'couple' on the dance floor; it was just natural to dance together. They danced cheek to cheek, like it had been decades ago when the Saturday night dances were the highlight of the week, so it wasn't surprising for their lips to meet, even if briefly, but it was an.

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