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I identified as “straight” for most of my life. Had female partners, watched nothing but straight porn, Etc. I even served in the US military after “don’t ask don’t tell” was implemented in the 1990s. I remember the questions on the enlistment contract concerning bisexuality and homosexuality were simply crossed out because they had not created new forms to accommodate the new policy. In basic training we were constantly called “fags” and other slurs. the logic at the time was that if. Looking back at her was a figure dressed in lingerie, red and black basque framing her boobs and a pair of thin satin panties.‘Better not be cold’ though she thought smiling to herself ‘Don’t want the shivers, this could be interesting.’Dressing herself in a pair of jeans and top and applying her makeup, she glanced at her watch. ‘He’s late, bet he’s chickened out’ was just out of her mouth as she heard a car pull up outside.‘Showtime’ Moving downstairs, she went out to the car to meet who was. 'bedroom' .... and suddenly thats where we were heading. In the bedroom, Mum had already pulled the curtains shut and rolled back the duvet leaving just a single, crisp, cotton sheet. I noticed with pleasurable anticipation the vacuum flask on the bedside table. I could guess at its contents. I opened the top and peered in. I was right! Ice cubes!We both have a thing about cold. One of Mum's favourite things is to have a choc ice pushed into her pussy (You see; we DO share some words, friends. Emma made sure to follow her back and forth so that Emma’s own finger didn’t fall out of her neighbor’s ass.Jess leaned in and placed her head on Brent’s shoulder.“Mmmmm...” she moaned against him as she frigged her clit. Brent could feel her smooth pussy rubbing against his skin and he realized he was growing erect again.“Slave Jess,” Emma said, knuckles colliding with Jess’ ass cheeks, “please ask Brent for permission to cum.”“Oooo...” she cooed, still playing with her pussy, “Sir Brent, may.

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