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InvertedBy Dale RibbonsPeter Worth was a lucky man. At the young age of 30, he was already a junior executive at Wilson, Wilson, & Fisk. He had averag... good looks, which attracted many women. Unfortunately for them, he took no notice. He was already married to a wonderful woman, Farisa.Farisa was an Indian beauty. She had lovely features, a nice figure with curves in all the right places, and dark, exotic skin. She was an ideal housewife. She seemed determined to keep their home a showcase and. Normal hone k baad usne bola ‘love kya hame aage bedhna chahia’, vo ek virgin hai or main bhi, main ab tak jheda nahi tha to mujha thoda uncomfortable leg reha tha, mera ser ekdum gerem ho rekha tha, maine bola ‘love hum aage badhe to shayad aapko badme is baat ka apsos ho, or aapko acha nahi lagega to mujha bhi acha nahi lagega, per main apne aapko zada der nahi rok sekta, aapka pani to nikal geya islia aap thoda control may ho per main ab bhi control se baher hu’.Ya sunker vo ghutno per baith. She said will prepare dinner eat and then spend some time.She was wearing an normal tshirt and jean. In which her ass and boobs were literally visible. Once I entered home I started starring at her boobs.She said you are here for dinner.She went inside kitchen I cant control myself. I went from back hugged her and started to kiss on lips then we started to smooch very intensely. I was pressing her boobs over her clothes and she was breathing heavily and asked if we can go into your room?I. She walked in front of me and leaned forward, her beautiful breasts a mere whisper from my hungry mouth. "Are you ready Daddy?" she asked. The next thing I knew, Holly placed the blindfold over my eyes. I was now at her mercy, to do with as she desired. ************************************************** Since I can't see what is happening. I'll let Holly tell you the rest of this story. *************************************************** My poor Daddy couldn't see a thing . Plus he wasn't able.

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