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Matthew: Medics! Get him out of this place!The paramedics came a got the King out of the arena and in the clinic.The guards came and escorted me to th... mess hall where I could now throne myself. The manors inhabitants gathered around me.Matthew: I, Matthew, arena champion, champion of the people, and God slayer, I am your new King, I promise to be the best King you have seen, I will pave through this war, I will change the outcome greatly, I will live up to my name, I promise you that.The. Even from where were standing, a few feet apart, I could smell that good smell again, something about it made my head a little fuzzy but I enjoyed the feeling just the same. ‘It’s not an issue. I’m sorry I couldn’t be better company. Can I make it up to you? How about I get us some breakfast from McDonalds and we can eat in the park again.’ I tried to smile and hope that maybe my apology would go over well, something about yesterday made me really want to make it up to this man. Thankfully he. Suddenly i asked her if she drinks ( i had some vodka at home) and she agreed. I was all excited. Made two drinks and brought them over, dimmed the lights and sat beside her. After 5 mnts, i dont know how, but we were holding hands. I thn began careesing her palm. They were so soft, like silk. Then i ran my fingers up along her hands to her shoulder. I looked at her and she had a smile, not on her lips, but on her eyes and her lips were quivering. I pecked her lips gently, and thn sucked on the. Mera dimag kaam nahi kar raha tha tho maine uske gharke cupbord khola aur uski ma ki black chaadi nikali aur white bra pehanli aur uski beahanki ek red coulourki panty apne sath leke use sunghne laga hhahahhaahhahahahahahahaha kya khusbu thi chut ki yyysysysysyysysysysysysys mai darvaje ko lock/kadi lagana karna bhul gaya tha mai bra aur panty pehan ke uske bedrroom me chala gaya aur apne lund ko bed pe so ke sehlane laga mai bhul gaya tha ki amit ke paas dusri chabi thi uske gharki,,,,Thodi.

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