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She could actually feel the energy rising from the hand and penetrating deep into her pussy, releasing a flood of moisture. She moaned loudly as the o...her girls hands finally slid over her stiff nipples and began to roll them slowly, teasing them out to their full length. Almost involuntarily, her hips began to move against the hand pressed to her vulva as the girl in front applied pressure. She felt lips caressing the nape of her neck… hard nipples brushing against her back and that hand,. I reveled in her tangy taste. She had such a rich flavor.The cum ran out. I licked and nuzzled through her hot pussy, only tasting her tangy juices now. They poured out, coating my tongue. This was so amazing. No wonder Daddy loved licking my pussy. It was almost as good as sucking cocks. The velvety feel, the wonderful texture on my skin, the creamy juices. Hot and boiling. My tongue flicked up, licking her clit, nuzzling, sucking.Teasing her.She gasped, shuddered, hips undulating. I ran my. You saunter forward and with each sultry step, your stockings captivate my aroused attention, as they tantalize through the slit in your skirt. I get up from behind my desk and our bodies crash together in a wanton embrace followed by a salacious kiss. Our hands are a blur unsticking blouses and shirts, fumbling with buttons, belts and zippers. Our tongues duel in wet hungry kisses. Pulling off item after item of clothing, when one of us struggles with the other's various clothing item, we help. The car or truck was moving slowly down the entrance way, at the end ofthe entrance was a stop sign, and either a turn right or left. If thelights turned right I would be lights camera action almost immediately .My night of bondage fun was turning into a bondage nightmare fast, by thetime the vehicle reached the stop sign I had gotten my hands released,and just removed the hood. It was a truck and it was just sitting at thestop sign, I was in the open pretty much 50 or so feet away, but I.

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