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I rode his cock for 20 minutes and tried everything from on my feet and thrusting up and down to leaning forward and smacking my ass and guiding his to show off for the camera. By this time my mom had already gotten closer and taken all kinds of different perspectives and angles so she could make this as much of a real porn movie as she could.Just then the door opened and the man from the adult shop entered in a doctor’s uniform and his big 7.5 inch rock hard cock hanging out, this was. So when he exploded, so very soon, he would come on me, and not the floor. I didn't care where on me either. Just somewhere on my bare, hot skin.He understood somehow, and stood close while he stroked. His eyes devoured me, and I loved knowing he wanted to be my fingers, how much he wished my lips were around his rigid cock.Suddenly it was a race.I've always been a good multitasker. I kept my eyes on his pistoning hand as my fingers continued to plunge in and out like a lover that's been gone. I was a bit scared and then I opened my red lips and, taking his cock in my hand, I began to suck on it. I soon began to lose myself and started sucking on this hard cock.Then something happened that surprised me. My own pussy began to clinch on itself. I should have been ashamed, humiliated…but this huge cock in my mouth was turning me on very fast… I sucked his cock deeper and deeper…but then after a while the stranger pulled back. He ordered me to take off my tight blue skirt.I begged him. .. Just calm down... Be sexy and it will be over soon... It might even be fun, most of these guys aren't bad looking... Hopefully Roberto or Charlez will win... You know they'll cheat to win... It will be over soon... Melanie's bikini strings flung forward as Roberto pulled them loose. He reached up and untied the top tie by her neck and the top fell to the ground. She heard the men holler and clang their drinks and beer together. Much to Melanie's surprise, she didn't feel as embarrassed as.

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