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She gasped and cried out. I grunted loudly as I felt her soft velvet lips wrap around my cock tightly. I proceeded to fuck her tight pussy hard. I gra...bed a handful of her hair and pulled her head up to make her back arch. With my lips pressed against her ear I asked her, “Is this what you wanted?” “Oh, God, yes,” she cried. I grabbed her hips and fucked her harder than I have ever fucked her before. I was out of control and driven by pure lust. I looked down at her fucking hot ass and watched. One night, i had showered and changed into my short nightdress, usually i dont wear panties with it as I normally go to bed after my shower. This particular evening i decided to watch a little bit of television, my eyelids were closing on their own I was tired, eventually falling asleep, as I slept I started dreaming that Jim was licking away at my pussy it felt so good that I had a massive orgasm, a really beautiful orgasm. So strong that I awoke, it was then that I realized that I had not. Billy unconsciously licked his lips as he admired her body and said yes and to weed the garden as well.'She left me some money for you," the girl said, pulling down her shirt. "I'm here to baby sit her kids until they get back this evening."Billy stuck out his hand and said his name and the girl held it briefly, nodded and then closed the door. His cock flexed.The boy loved challenges, like the snooty cheerleader he had fucked in the back of her family's SUV and the luscious lifeguard he had. “I… I’m sure I have no idea, Daddy. There’s… there’s all sorts of things on there.”He leans forward on the sofa, his dark eyes boring into you. “Porn, Chloe. Lots of it.” He waits a moment while your mouth tries and fails to form a response. “And not just any kind of porn, my darling girl. You know what I found, don’t you?”You’re somehow able to force sound through the terror constricting your throat. “I… Daddy I…”His voice cracks like a whip, making you flinch. “‘Daddy’ is precisely right..

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