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I’ve never cheated on him. Besides, I’ve never done it with another woman.”Linda said, “Amanda you don’t have to tell your husband. It might...even spice up your sex life with him. As far as us making love, I must admit that I find you highly desirable.”Amanda blushed from her head to her toes a nice pale pink color.Linda smiled at her and said, “Apparently you have had the same thoughts about me. Come on it won’t be all that bad. It’s not as if you are a virgin. You have had other men haven’t. A symmetrical pattern of sixteen thick needles piercing herright breast. The outside of her left breast the current object of Myattention. The slap of My hand, the short flogger, the crop, a wooden spoon,all seeking out the same target. What was once pale white, soon becomes pink,then deeper reds begin to appear, raised welts, and even hints of dark blues.She twists and dances, squirming to the staccato rhythms I perform. She singsout, accompanying Me. A duet? Or is it really a solo? Never does. I didn't either, when people who were important to me were insulted. The fact that the rumor was meant to hurt me, made no difference. It also reflected badly on the royal families honor. Someone was spreading a story that suggested my contest with the princesses was not only planned ahead of time, but choreographed to the smallest detail. Impugning the Queen's honesty could not be tolerated, and mom wasted no time in tracking down the source. No one was surprised, when that turned out to be. Queen's face got red in the shame. Then he dried her up with her panties and then said loudly-Show is over, lets get back to work..The troops placed camp after going a long distance. The captain said-No one fucks queen until our prince sees the queen. Soldiers said-Yes sir.They made foods and ate, the soldier who was looking after the queen went to her to feed her.He started to feed her and also was checking her breasts. She cried-Please kill me, do not hand me over to the merchants. He smiled.

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