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As you all know marriages are so tiring and exhausting. Lets not waste time and go directly to the incident. It was a day before the sangeet functions...where all cousins were practicing the in dance performance and me being bad in it required a lot of practice. So after 1:30 am all other cousins went to sleep we two had to practice till I could perfect it. This happened during this time where me and rita took a separate room on the 1st floor so as not to disturb anyone else.As we were practicing. True love conquers all, right? ,-) ~*~*~*~*~*~ Immediately after the seatbelt light was extinguished by the captain, almost all the passengers stood to retrieve their jostled belongings from the overhead compartments. Keely, however, was not one of them. With her cell phone to her left ear and her finger in her right ear, she told Darbie that her plane had landed. Most travelers would have friends or loved ones waiting for them in the airport, but Keely didn’t see the point in having anyone. The zips over her breasts were undone revealing erect nipples and lots of flesh. She had again gone Gothic with her make-up. But that wasn’t what shocked me and left me speechless. It was the riding crop she was carrying and the 10” strap-on dildo jutting out from her hips. She saw my stunned look and laughed. “You know what to do” she said “get down and lick my boots”. In a sort of daze I did what I was told. As I run me tongue over her boots she began to hit me with the riding crop. “Do a. “Grab yourself a beer mate, top shelf of the fridge,” he shouted as he got in the car.Ryan was shaking his head all the way to Emily’s house wondering what on Earth she wanted and why it was so urgent that she had to see him right now. Fortunately, she didn’t live that far away and within ten minutes he had arrived at her house and was knocking on the door.Emily opened the door in her white wedding dress. Her blonde hair was plaited and braided in parts and a few curly wisps of hair fell around.

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