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He watched her waddle off to her seat for a while. Her legs seemed to roll around one another, and her ass shook like a tidal wave with each step. He ...napped to, and realised that he was starting to get hard. He decided it might be best to rush around and get sat down before he grew a massive bulge for everyone to see. He finished filling his plate and went to sit down. A waiter came over and asked him what he wanted to drink, to which he decided on a coke with no ice. When the waiter left, he. Nothing overtly sexy, just a plain white cotton bra with matching knickers but the position she was in made them really sexy. She was lying on her back, facing the door. Her one leg was stretched out along the sofa, while the other was draped over the edge, giving me a perfect view of the white cotton of her knickers stretched over her pussy. They weren't what you'd call thin but I could still make out the swell of her mound and the outline of her pussy lips and the slit between them.I know I. It was when she was on her way from the den to the kitchen to get more ice that Aunt Sue heard her niece's cry."Nasty boys! Get your hands off my tits or I'll tell my daddy!"Aunt Sue ran down the hallway and turned the corner and saw a sight that shocked her. Her niece Terry was leaning against the wall, with three youths rubbing up against her, copping feels. Sue was so dumbfounded she could do nothing but stare with wide eyes and open mouth.The well-groomed youths had pulled her niece's pink. It had a flower fabric design. As I kept staring I noticed her nipples poking through. She sat down and I reached my hand over and started rubbing her thigh. “Umm Dave… What are you doing?”I didn’t respond. I just stared at my computer continuing to rub her thigh. It felt right to be doing this.“Ok maybe we can get started on your project.”Ivy scooted over a little so my hand couldn’t reach her thigh. I can feel my pants getting tighter. I looked down and I saw why. I am getting an erection..

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