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I think that they all knew what I was in town for and they just stayed quiet about the situation. Mr Sung paid for my dinner and the two bottles of wi...e that we shared. For a man in his 70’s, he was pretty lithe and had a fun spirit. He and I stayed at the restaurant bar and the others went to a show after dinner was over.Mr Sung’s face was red from a couple of shots of Soju, a Korean rice liquor. I had tried one, but it just wasn’t for me. I was surprised that I got away with drinking. "Feels like you need a change?"I nodded and shyly asked, "You do it?"She turned me around in her lap. "Stacy... You probably..." Please?" I asked."I thought you want to be a big college student?" Well yeah... but that doesn't mean I don't want the most awesome mommyin this dimension to still take care of me?"She squeezed me tight. "I want you to be able to get by on your ownduring the days..." I changed myself several times today, it's your turn," I tried a smileon her."Oh I see how this is,". Normaly i woudn't cross state lines but i need the money. my wife as it turns out is a lesbian and i found through having a secret camare put in our room. now the chick my was cheating on was a red head, green eyes, good sized boobs and nice tight looking ass, now my wife blond, blue eyes, nice big breasts and legs that go from her to there. the video started like this my wife went down on the other girl and fust started to eat her out the other girl was moaning like crazy and was defintly. "I know you pretty well, and I'm sure that you'll treat what I've said skeptically, but I assure you, I'm more like Garibaldi than the Oracle. Goodbye."The room voice returned, and said. "That is the end of the message. There is no provision for a reply."Steve sat puzzled, his 'business' forgotten. That last line had reminded him of something, but what? Suddenly, it all came together. He'd have said it was impossible, if it wasn't for the fact that he'd left two naked women in bed to come in.

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