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She grinned at him, and he his worries were assuaged, her clawed fingers rising up to scratch his head.“What’s with that expression? Are you remem...ering,” she leaned down to whisper in his ear, “how I fucked you into a whimpering mess?”“I remember things a little differently,” he shot back, pouting at her. She laughed and pulled him deeper into her bust.“Ok, I admit it, you might have gotten a few reactions out of me. You up for a tie-breaker before we set out again?”He hesitated, breathing in. Next day Latha came to me and asked the same thing, I said that her salary is sufficient only for her son’s college fees then how she and her mother will return me the money. Latha said that she will do service for me in return to this favor. I said Rajamma is there to serve me in house and what is need of u. Latha said my mother cannot serve u in all aspects at an age of 58. I dint understand her intension and said she is serving me well and in what aspect u r saying that she serve me well.She. Denaux told me that she found the switch to be most effective on you Anna. Is that true?" I asked. Anna replied, "Yes, Sir. Did she also tell you how she used it on me?" "Oh, yes Anna I am well aware of where she switched you." Walking around to the side of Anna I said, "stand up." Anna stood up with her head somewhat bowed. "Anna, you may choose which I switch, either the inside of your thighs or your breasts." I said. "Which is it?" Anna turned to me and said, "Oh, Sir my thighs are on fire. There she was laying on her back, All of her clothes piled on the floor and her left leg straight out hanging over the arm of the couch, Her right foot against her left knee with her right leg folded wide open, Her hairy p**** spread wide open as she rubbed her c*** softly, Her wet, pink p**** lips showing through the hair as she rubbed, She had her surprisingly firm looking right t** in her left hand pinching and pulling her nipple pale pink nipple, Her left nipple was rock hard and the size.

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