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My eyes were closed and when the camera zoomed-in on my face (which was still dripping with semen), it certainly looked like I was enjoying my ride! I... is erotic, and almost surreal watching yourself having sex.David held my face in his hands and kissed my mouth as my body was bouncing around. Then, I heard a noise that I could identify: I heard my own moans, heavy breathing and exclamations! I knew I was approaching a climax! Right there, on the screen. OMG! I think the gathered crowd. This creature raped all of us last night, Elizabeth said looking at Veronica. Oh no&hellip, do you think that creature got me pregnant? Veronica asked. I dont know&hellip, Elizabeth responded. However she was almost certain that her lovely friend was carrying the animals baby. The three girls held each other and talked in low voice, trying to remember what happened the night before. Veronica remembered in a fussy way that something large penetrated her and extracted from her a colossal orgasm.. Rick could look after the little one when he was off watch. Sharon said " I intend to nurse our child, he will be no problem to anyone." Ken said " Sharon I can not take the chance of you having a child at sea, if something went wrong we would not know what to do."Sharon said " My doctor has determined that I probably will give birth on the twenty fourth or twenty fifth of my ninth month." " He agrees to induce labor on the afternoon of the twenty fifth if I am not quiet ready." Sharon said ". She followed my stare as I looked between her legs. "Is it gross?" she asked. "Some of my friends said it was gross not to shave it, but I'm afraid to cut myself, so..." "Shh," I said, placing a finger on her lips. "It's perfect. Don't listen to what others say, it's your body, and you can damn well do whatever the fuck you want with it." She nodded. "Now, do you have a mirror here somewhere?" I asked. She shrugged. "In the bathroom," she answered, pointing to the door. The bathroom was right.

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