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As he approached, I said,"That wasn't a fluke; I can take you just as easily."Something in my eyes must have told him I believed what I was saying, an... he slowed up and said,"Fuck it, she isn't worth the bother anyway"I dropped my aggressive stance and said,"Your mate should come round in a few minutes; since it was just a blow to his solar plexus I delivered. He will be a bit sore, but no real harm done."I then looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Just in case you are thinking of revenge. ." Doctor, her heart rate is spiking!"I feel a bed under me. It had been so long. Long? So very long since I'felt' anything! 'How long had it been?! Then it was way too much'feeling' for me to take. It comes crashing in from all directions, andI flee from it."One."Comforting darkness floods through me, and all the feeling goes away.***It was a different room, but still dim. The window was again charged tototal reflection, ensuring the room was dark, save for a single lamp inone corner.On the. “Alas no, the thought of my progeny having your countenance and wit entirely repulses me,” Mr D’arcy replied.Mrs Bennet recoiled at the sentiment, “So have them sent to the orphanage as Mr Bennet and I should have done when we failed to secure a son and heir.“An excellent suggestion, as ever mother,” Eiza sighed, “No thought for my sentiments.”Mr Bennet staggered drunkenly into the breakfast room after a break fast of Rum and Porter in roughly equal proportions. “Oh don’t be so reticent dear,. This good-looking hunk is taking me to, of all places, a damn graveyard, and on Halloween night. Not that she really cared where they went. What happened once they arrived was all she cared about. In a few more minutes she'd be lying naked on the backseat with her legs spread wide, waiting for him to take her. The wanton thought of what would happen next left her pussy soaked and her body shivering with barely suppressed lust.Randi had no idea how much farther they had to go; she just hoped.

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