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I felt some movement in my Pajamas OH it was my dick wanting my hand again but I made it a point that now she is mine and I will fuck her deep, but th... question was how?. It was my very first experience, I was very much nervous by thinking of the embarrassment if she tell someone that “he has purposed me to have sex with him”. But I didn’t change my mind we both sat in the dining room and start chatting slowly our chat moves towards the topic of sex. She told me many things about girls, what. I know now, as I knew then, that I should have politely gotten up and excused myself at that moment.I should have gone to my bedroom, eliminated the temptation and masturbated in private. But I didn't.I would like to claim I do not know why I did not get up at that moment; but the truth is I was very, veryaroused by this whole perverse situation. Despite all logic and reason to the contrary, I slowlyreached down as Robert watched,spread my thighs ever so slightly, fingers between my. Julie cried out in pleasure, and unlike her fellow convert across the table, Julie's pleasure was all natural. Julie had graduated from needing the collar to aid arousal or control her movements, it was now simply a symbol of her status for all to see.Julie moaned her thanks that the Anians took pride in their sexual prowess. With their advanced medical abilities they were capable of molding flesh to their will, and all Anian men took pride in making sure their shafts were perfectly. My hand gently began to wrap around her member.Starting with a gentle caress and then gradually becoming more vigorous.My mouth then became more greedy as I began to take more and more of herinside, working at bringing her closer to climax.After a couple of minutes of this I felt her testicles beginning totighten and contract, so I slowly released her. I looked up and saw thatlook of disappointment return to her face but, restrained as she was,there was not much that she could do. "Not yet,.

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