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I almost jumped out of my skin when Gran stirred in her sleep."What if she wakes up and catches me jacking off?" I thought. "I almost wish that she wo...ld." I pumped my cock harder, and as I slipped over the edge, I did something truly insane. I stepped forward and sprayed my Grans tits with cum. What was I to do? If I tried to clean her up she might wake up and catch me. I decided that the best thing to do was to let the semen dry on her body. I very carefully closed the robe.After about 15. What was most exciting, most inspiring, was this:On the edge of the bed near both women, there were small waterfalls, leaving two big puddles. You could trace back the white gooey liquid to the side of the bed, then up their thighs and back to the oozing opening of their respective womanhood. The puddle under my mom was about twice the size of my aunt's as I'd really filled up her tank. Man, what a sexy sight.The day that was just beginning was Sunday, the last day of that weekend their hubbies. How things had changed between them in that short space of time. Even though he knew how tired she was, he still mourned the fact that sex had not appeared on the horizon, or was likely to for that matter, for a while at least. So here he was, standing quietly in the doorway to their bedroom trying, and failing, to keep his cock from stiffening as he watched Maria. Just the mere sight of her breasts seemed to have this effect on him nowadays.But there was an added turn on now, something he had. She sniffed the powerful aroma of cock and cunt wafting into her nostrils. It smelled strange, but somehow it was good. She inhaled more deeply. The smell began exciting her. There was something strangely welcoming about it.“C’mon, bitch. Open your mouth,” coaxed Mr. Moore. He pushed his cock a little more firmly against Sylvia’s mouth.Sylvia looked into his eyes. After only a moment’s hesitation, she opened her mouth. The man’s warm cock slipped between her lips. The slut touched his prick.

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