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Owww...make them Yours, Sir."You say nothing else, just push and poke for a while, then grasp a nipple and drag me to my feet. Your hand comes down, o...en, on the left breast, and i feel the sting flow straight down to my now dripping cunt. It was the familiar pain, how it always felt when You did this. i wait for You to ask, but You don't have to. One look in my eyes and You know.You stick a finger in my cunt, and use that to pull me along to the bedroom. W/we get there and You let me undress. They sat in joyful silence for a while, until Abe said, "Miss Abigail, I shore does like yer company." I like yers too, Abe. But I would like it better ifen ya called me Abi, Miss Abigail sounds so formal." That would be bully, Mi... uh... Abi. I would be downright flattered ta be able ta call ya that."They talked of many things that evening, and had progressed to gentle kisses by the time they had to return to camp. This time, they walked the few yards back, not hand-in-hand, but arm-in-arm.. I think this name suits you. What do you think?”, Divya Ma’am asked.“I love it!”, I said. “Priyanka. Priyanka. Priyanka.”, I repeated. “Yes, I like it very much”.“Hmmm”, she acknowledged and we continued to watch the movie.After a while, she adjusted her shoulder and my head slipped. I tried to remove my head but she said, “No Priya. Don’t lie down on Akka’s shoulder. Lie down on Akka’s lap”. I blushed as she called me “Priya” and complied. All the while, she continues to caress my arm with her. Bole daro mat hum apni pehchaan chupa ke sex karnge wo store me gye aur golen holi colur le aaye aur mere pure muh aur balon ko pent kar diya aur apne muh aur baal par khoob tube lagaya ab me video ke baare me soch ke uttejit ho rahi thi .Phir unhone apna camrecorder bed ki tarf set kiya aur apne kapde utarne lage .Wo kewal jokey ki caddhi me aa gye aur main laal bra panty me leti thi .Phir wo mujhe kas ke sahlane lage aur kiss karne lage .Aur mere bra ki hook khol di mere bade bade boobs ko.

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