He wasn’t muscular though, just thin and tight. The only hair on him was in his armpits and a little tuft over his dick. Yeah, and his dick. It had ... life of it’s own, I swear. Long and thick, sweetly veined and wonderful to taste and feel. I could have played with it all night. I was trying to play with it all night. And now I wanted him to rock it in and out of my ass.“Would you fuck my ass?” I whispered. I think he was blushing, but it was a little too dark to tell. I was stroking his hard. Few are left standing. As I finish off one last soldier, I drop my helmet and suck in the cold air, that reeks of blood and sweat. Suddenly my world splits in half. A bright flash obscures my vision, and when I can finally see again, I find I am on my knees, with a spear that is covered with blood is protruding from my own chest.A man is pacing around me, sword drawn. He walks with an exaggerated limp. I wonder if I did that to him. He looked at me and spits on my face."Spartan bastard. Our. I got my folk’s car, so I’ll pick you up at seven.” After the movie he said his folks were at home so we couldn’t go there, but he really wanted to do it again. That was all he had thought about all week. The garage at my house opens into the alley, but we never use it as it’s full of junk. Dad parks on the street under the trees that line our street, and the car is always dirty and covered with bird shit. I told Hugh we could go and park in front of our garage door. When we got there he. She had given him a piece of her mind, and as she had felt the fury and seen his fear, she had become aware of another sensation deep inside of her. A thrill which made her realize that, as angry as she was, she also enjoyed wielding her power over him. Strange, perhaps, and maybe even worrisome, but there it was.It had happened more than once too. She had felt it when she denied some of his requests, and she had felt it when she told him to pick up the joint from underneath the table. Oh, and.

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