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.. I'm sorry, I...''''Yeah – I mean no, it's fine...''What just happened?''I shouldn't have done that, I'm sorry.'' she said, and kissed him again.T...is is wrong...Her kiss was burning hot, wanting. She bit his lip, probed her tongue in his mouth, sucked on his lip. He could barely breathe, but he didn't mind. He felt his restraint fade away, he felt a desire awaken within him; a fiery desire, a mad desire that wanted more.If it's wrong, why does it feel so right?CHRISTINEShe couldn't tell how. I started long, slow laps with my tongue along the full length of her labia, beginning at her anus and licking upward, flicking the exposed clit a little harder on each slow pass. Michal started gasping and jerking her hips as my tongue slid along the underside of her clit, as it failed to retract under the hood from the intense stimulation."Ilias," she whimpered, "I don't want to wait anymore."Her legs came up and spread wide, and her hips were making little thrusts of invitation. I didn't. She had never even thought about having sex with another girl–her strict Catholic upbringing forbade such same-sex activity. But she had come a long way since those young days and even though she had been railroaded into her situation, being locked up in a women-only prison made lesbian sex her only option.Jennifer sat there in her cell waiting for what she didn't know. Roxie said she had "made arrangements", but what did that mean?Then she wondered about the other things Roxie had said.... Although I was glowing red with embarrassment it was anice feeling and I got about a teaspoon out of each breast. She alsowarned the milk could be different colours and not to worry as it wouldreflect what I had eaten but its basic colour was watery white. She saidexpressing might lengthen the time I produced milk so use it sparingly,it was up to me to try and get a balance between using the pump and thepads. If I expressed the milk first thing in the morning and thenslipped the pads on between.

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