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...hazel which turned green or dark brown depending on how the light hit them. I was in awe of this specimen of womanhood.the other dancers were ok in...my opinion but this was one took the cake. she knew how to move her body, tease the men that were sitting around looking at her but to me she was dancing for my benefit. she pulled her nipples and they stood right up begging to be sucked. my mouth was water....someone put a beer in front of me but I don't know if it was one of my friends or a. He had never seen her so radiant - the creamy white skin of her neck gracefully arched over a tempting hint of heaving breast revealed at the border of the modest neckline.The dress was delivered earlier that day, a plain black box with a single red rose attached. Steven was curious but quiet upon its arrival. She placed it on the bed unopened, smiled, and put her arms around his waist."He always dresses me. Oh, it's not what you think. No garter belts or lingerie, none of that. He puts me in. Once the woman had sucked him even harder he fingered her cunt while kissing her passiontely. She then lay back and spread wide to guide that tree trunk into her tight pussy. The Male slowly eased more inside till eventually most of it was buried deep as he pistoned in and out making her groan as he fucked her loudly, lewdly, their genitals squelching noisily as her juices flowed and dribbled out. They fucked for some time before he stiffened and slowed his movements before withdrawing his big. But that doesn’t have the same ring to it, and nobody ever seeks help from the multiverse. So I ran through some ideas and figured giving you control over someone in your own universe would have some messy consequences. Purely hypothetically, of course, you definitely aren’t my second try at this and certainly not my fifth try because that would be embarrassing if I wrecked 5 universes before figuring out that I needed to do cross universe control. Or at least I hope cross universe control.

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