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At this time, in this place, Randy was the strongest. In a civilized setting he was an anachronism, and almost a cipher. But here and now he was her m...ster, and she was his property. Without thinking further she submitted to the inevitable.And made the best of it.Paying no real attention to Susan's attempts to free herself and ignoring her screams Randy continued thrusting into her sex. Slamming hard into her, then withdrawing slowly only to slam back in so hard her breasts bounced. It was. When it got to the stopping point she lifted one earpad of the headphone and asked me to play the music video I made of her. It dawned on me that I haven’t actually shown it to her yet. I did tell her I had made one and that it got some really good comments. I found the folder and clicked on the file and played it on my computer screen. She watched her pussy flashing on the screen and smiled at me. The music video ended and she pulled the headphones off and handed them back to me. She told me. That was a big frat party for all his male friends and acquaintances.”“It won’t be. It won’t be,” she repeated. “He said will just be four of us.” She moved up and put her arms around my waist and looked up at me.Everything thing I planned to say about cooling it with Tony went out the window.“Uh oh, that sounds like a repeat of our dinner out last weekend.”“Well, you seemed to enjoy yourself.”I wasn’t sure how to respond. On one hand the cocaine enhanced sex with his girlfriend had been. She left the bathroom door slightly ajar (so the steam of the hot bath could escape?). She lay in the tub with her back to the door. Around the faucets in front of her, the silver contours acted like mirrors and gave her a fun house view of the bedroom. She could see her dad peeking through the doorway and decided to tease him. She laid back and spread out her legs with her knees up. She slowly waved her hand in the water causing a stream to move up in between her legs. She liked the feeling of.

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