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Engrossed in sorting out bookings one evening, I didn’t hear anyone approaching, so was surprised when I looked up, into the weather-beaten face and...piercing pale blue eyes of a tall, fifty-something, fit-looking guy, dressed in a lightweight fawn suit and open-necked blue shirt. ‘Hello, Elizabeth,’ he said, reading the embossed nameplate pinned to my white silk blouse, ‘I hope you have a room for me?’ His accent might have been South African, I thought, but wasn’t very pronounced. ‘Can I have. “Get started and tell me about it. Who were you thinking of?”I can’t perform under this kind of pressure. But I knew I had to try. As I lowered my pants and grabbed myself I said, “It’s Audrey.”“Yes, our cute little wifey, that little blonde snip.” I wondered why Lynn seemed to have a grudge against her. “So where are you doing it?”I closed my eyes to get deeper into the fantasy. It was different from the one I had been indulging when I was caught. “On her desk; I’m standing up, I’m inside of. She said ‘I am ready for the next cock ….. my legs are wide open for you. As the next guy left the lounge, his hard cock pointing to the stairs I stripped off. The other guys looked at my caged cock and one said that he assumed I was the cuckold husband. I said yes and we then had a chat about how it all started. As we chatted we could hear what was happening in the bedroom. The guy was clearly turned on by what he found waiting for him on our bed and he was soon grunting suggesting his cock. I didn't know I'd made the team. I didn't try out." Yeah. That's why you're not on varsity." Huh?" Coach Mitchell has this thing about not putting guys on his team who don't show up for try-outs." I'm sorry, Coach. I haven't been all together this year. I didn't think I'd be playing." I don't know the whole story and I don't need to. I've seen you working out with Whitney every morning and that was good enough to tell me you were still in shape and strong. Between that and the story that you.

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