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The thin, lean frame has been replaced by a well defined mass of strength and muscle. I smile at her reaction, I like how it feels. My lust flares up ...nside me. She reaches for the door and I gesture for her to walk in. I want her to pass by me so exposed. I want to feel her against me as she walks by. I watch as she carefully places her purse on the glass table and looks around my place as though it were a museum. She studies the posters on the wall and slowly moves to my book collection. I will never hit you again, I promise." Thank you, Mother. I'm going to find Matt now." She went slowly out the door.Joan was just waiting for the right time to ask me something. I read her mind. "I know, Joan you want me to tell you who the older lady with me is. Her name is Persis Swartz. She is a widow. I have engaged her to be my housekeeper and a female presence in the house for Mattie. It is a short time arrangement as she is moving to Arizona in a few months where she has bought a condo. Well my wife being open said I could join them if wanted. Time went by but that never happened, what did happen was we started talking about what turned me on a single woman with two men or two woman with one man. We both agreed two men on one woman turned us on, So I asked if she would ever let Bobby join us she giggled, So the next time we were all at my home having a little party I told them to go out on the couch and talk. They did with a little rubbing over clothing at each other I walked. CBS did it 1st Class for their customers and radio people. As I mingled with other “record people” Corrine came up to me and asked if she could have a moment.“I took a cab here because Jenna, an order picker, cancelled at the last minute, but I really wanted to see this. The cab cost me almost $7, more than I thought. Can I bum a ride home with you? I see you drive by every day when I wait for the bus.”I smiled at her request, she was so cute in the way she almost feared asking me. “Sure, my.

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