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Finally my school life is going to be over in 6 months our “Annual day” came. Me and my classmates were enjoying the moment. Suddenly I noticed Am...rtha came inSaree” that day looking like an angel, I was dumbstruck by her beauty there were no words to explain her beauty. Actually I fell in love with her on that day. I kept on looking her as though they show on the movies. The program was going on, I found her she went to staff room and I followed her. There were nobody in the staff room she was. Reaching the bottom of the stairs to the ground floor, you turn the corner, enter the kitchen, and stop dead in your tracks as you see him. He’s sitting at your breakfast bar, every bit the slender devil you remember. He looks up from his coffee casually and fixes you with his dark, almost black eyes. The world disappears for a moment and your knees buckle, knowing he’s here to play with you again. “Good morning s-Sir,” you manage. “Good morning, Allie,” he replies, his voice low, velvety, and. The undertaker never took his eyes of Cassandra fixing her with a holding stare as his hand reach towards the wall pulling down a heart shaped piece of wood and spout.Cassandra recognised it as a bellows; a concertinaed fabric between two wooden paddles handles. This medieval device allowed you to open and close the chamber; air was drawn in along its length and then spurted out through a narrow metal spout.He knelt to the fire thrusting the spout into the hot ambers pumping the bellows the. ”“It’s for her benefit,” the uncle replies.“Is it? It doesn’t sound like it.”“My wife...”“What wife? She is your wife.”“My first wife. Sex made her suffer. It killed her.”“Are you that terrible a lover?”“No!” they both shouted, making Nick chuckle.“So you have enjoyed each other, pleasured each other. Good to know you’re not made of stone.”“Sometimes he is,” she giggles.“Marishka!” the uncle mutters.“‘What’s that rock pushing at me, ‘ I said when we first laid together. You remember, my love. I.

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