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"But, we'll have to do in again when I can participate, and not just watch it happen from a foggy place far away."Marvin helped her to her feet and wh...spered in her ear, "Perhaps in a couple of weeks when I have your nanites trigger ovulation."Rebecca's eyes and mouth flew open, but she said nothing. Was the clenching in her gut fear or anticipation? Not even she was sure.Even with the outrageous sexual activity he participated in while at his residence, it was becoming quite a challenge for. It is my first letter to you, the one where I tell you in my clear prose that I need you more then I need air to breath. I write of my love and how it grew from a modest affection, to a full-blown obsession, I loved you in spite of my sexuality not because of it. Then I go on to list all the reasons you are the one I was made for, and how I could make you happy. Your interest has grown from simple curiosity to a quest for something you can’t even describe. Then as you feel the spark of. Mistress Debbie just leaned over me licked around my nipples and said be still it will all be over soon. With that she moved between my legs lubed mine and her cock up and started stroking both. My cock came back to life very quick she lined her cock up with my ass telling me after she opened me up with her cock I would never have trouble with constipation again. I tightened my ass as tight as I could tring to keep her out. Mistress Debbie telling me I might as well relax she was going to take. I am very pleased with my lady, very attractive, long blond hair and a magnificent pair of tits. Seb is also pleased with his draw. Cindy has short blond hair, a slim almost androgynous body with small tits but already very erect nipples. She exudes sex and lust as she fondles Seb’s erection.We are both sitting side-by-side and leaning back on the higher than usual chairs watching and enjoying the two winners sucking on each other’s erection. There is a woman standing behind both of us teasing.

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