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I push the door open gently and it squeaks a little. I wince at the noise hoping you didnt hear it. You glance back smiling and motion me to join you....I see your body submerged in the water and cant wait to be with you. I walk over to the tub and you sit up. I slip in the water behind you and put my legs on either side of yours. The warm water feels so good on my tight muscles but your body feels even better against mine. I lean us back into the water and start to rub your shoulders. You relax. "You can get changed in the Guys' Room Mark," said Julia and her and Carol left the room.I got changed, rubber-banded some plastic I'd brought around my cast, then returned to the hot tub room to join Donna.When I walked into the room, Donna glanced at me, then did a double-take. "Wow. You look GOOD! Move your arm out of the way so I can see you properly."#1: #2: "You must've been doing a LOT of training since last summer. How come you've never said anything?"#1: #3: Except this time. Oh, she had been beaten and roughed up before, even had rough sex numerous times, but never fucked until it hurt like tonight. Her pussy had started to go dry after her third orgasm had taken her. The size of the cock stretching her pussy and the rough hands on her black tipped nipples had driven her over the edge but he had still not released his load inside her. When the first signs of soreness set in she had tried sucking the large mans cock with the hope of making him cum. A little lipo on my waist, so I'd finally havea slender girl's stomach, and a little plastic surgery to my face, soI'd look even more feminine. All and all, the bill would be $20,000,though it could be deducted from earnings, for tax purposes.When I woke up after surgery, Cassie was there holding my hand, andsmiling this weird kind of smile. I asked what was so funny, and shesaid, "It's just, you look so different. I mean, you look just likeyour sister now. You could be twins." I remember.

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