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I looked her deep in the eyes and then went in for a kiss again. This time, she didn’t turn her head and our lips met. I kissed her while she was st...ll not ready to open her lips for me. I touched my tongue on her lips and slowly tried pushing it in. She resisted but I was persistent. Soon, her lips opened for my tongue to enter and I put it inside her mouth, exploring as I went. My tongue met hers and they intertwined with each other, playing with each other. She let out a soft moan again and. She could not control herself and asked me to enter into her puzzy which was completely wet by now. I asked her to stop rubbing my cock and allow me to enter her. She did and slowly entered her wet puzzy with my oily cock; all while rubbing and cupping her oily breasts.Rani cried in total happiness and cupped my back and moved me inside her puzzy. At the same time, I also moved my hands from her breasts and cupped her dick and started moving it towards me and we both were moving like a piston. She looked like the beauty queen she was. She had brushed out her hair and freshened her face so that the potential tears didn't show. With a big smile she went to Paul. "Maybe you'd help me find something in my room?"Paul was up and at attention faster than a West Point cadet. "I'll help you look."I winked at Tyler and took his hand. "I need to find something in my room, too."We played around with really exciting sex games until Tyler had to go. I walked him to his car in my bikini and gave. "All done," I announced.Vonda let out a gasp. It turned out, behind her long red hair, she had been biting her lip. "God, that's hot!" Not like before?" I asked."No! I don't know what you did to me, but I like it. When you strapped me down, it was like you were tying me down to fuck me." Maybe, after breakfast," I said."Oh God!" cried Vonda, as she came. Fluid streamed out of her exposed pussy.As I sat down at the table, I moved Vonda's dish, so it was to my left, a little behind. I told her to.

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