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She closed the door and came to my chair, running her hand through my hair, caressing my head and cooing soft soothing sounds. "Who's my dirty boy?" s...e asked, kissing the top of my head. "Hmm? Who's my perverted nasty boy? Who loves his dirty wife?" "Me," I whispered, "you know it’s me." Our conversations hadn't always been this way. There had been months, at the beginning, when they were filled with recrimination and anger, hostility and resentment and jealousy. The jealousy lingers, of. I pity you!"She regretted this outburst later on when the women had returned from work and Miranda was brought into the room. The Warden was with her."Say farewell to each other. You are fully recovered, despite looking a little pale after being out of the sun for a few days. Your whipping is tomorrow and Miranda will be one of the five women who will whip you. I will leave you alone for two minutes." Sorry about this, darling." said Miranda as soon as they were together, holding Clarissa. She'd always felt like it could have been more fun, if only Greg was more willing to employ it creatively. But, overall, he was thick and veiny and easy enough to get off on, so long as she was willing to take charge at some point. Greg wasn't much of a pleaser, if left to his own devices.Sophie laid down on the couch beside Greg, tits pressed into his thigh. "Happy birthday, darling," she said, hoping she sounded more sincere than she felt at the moment. Seriously, what guy was this much of a. ”“No. You look like a fucking stripper. Jesus! Mom, you have the best body. Fuck! You’re fucking gorgeous.”“Peter. You’re so nice. What an amazing son I have.”Peter poured the oil into his hands and started at her neck. Her breasts were full and quite large. He gave his mother a nice neck massage. He poured the oil onto her breasts and rubbed at each melon. Her breasts felt amazing in his hands. She moaned while he rubbed her. He pushed them together and flicked at her.

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