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We cooled off and relaxed a bit and then once we all got out the pool, Rodger's niece asked if she could please get some ice - cream. My daughter imm...diately said me two please and Jen said that unfortunately she doesn't have any in the house. Rodger then offered to take the girls to the shop and get us all an ice cream. The girls rather excited and while Rodger changed into dry clothing Jen and I got the girls dried and into dry clothes as well. They then hopped into the car and off they went. The dark-haired girl almost passed out with bliss. Wet, delicious tingles rippled through her tender ass, shivers of pleasure she had never dreamt existed. For almost five minutes, Sylvia sucked passionately at Cindy's tiny asshole, then shifted her mouth back up to tease the helpless girl's juicy cunt-lips.By gradual, thrilling degrees, Sylvia's torrid blowjob got hotter and wilder, until Cindy was once again on the verge of a fierce, molten climax.That's when the blonde sat up, panting. I brought out the two dildo’s long thick rubber cocks, one of a large dog and the other a horse and her eyes immediately fixed on them. I changed her bindings to just under the cross bar of the bed so she could now lower and raise herself, up and down as I commanded, squat down I said, which she did, I moved her knickers to one side, and told her to push out the stone from her cunt, she contracted her pelvic muscle, I could see it under her rubber dress, and watched as her cunt lips were pushed. Polly smiled, rose to greet me, and said, "Well, I am certainly glad to see you awake. I pressed the call button when I felt you start to move around, so I bet your doctors will arrive any second to see how you're doing."By the way, how are you feeling?" Polly talked like I'd only been asleep for a little while, so I still had no idea about the extent of my surgery or their follow up treatment."My face feels like someone is trying to split my head in two, but my ... down here," I said, pointing.

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