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.. Its been a while since I wrote anything! It is quite difficult to get anything done with cock up both ends! ;)Anyway, in case you haven't read my p...evious stories, I am a 31 year old cum whore. Been a cocksucker since I was 12, and I am quite good at it. I have been a slut to my class mates and neighbours to random strangers on the internet. And loved every minute of it. From the time I saw my neighbour's cock when I was 12, I knew I had drawn the short straw in the cock department. He pushed forward so his cock touched my face. I couldn't be quick enough as I spun round and swallowed it all in my mouth. He was an older man. His pubes neatly trimmed and a cut cock that was slim and about 5" long. Perfect!! I wanked and sucked him for a few minutes and my heart was beating fast and my cock throbbing. He pulled back and just said "stay right there". He took down his trunks and walked round to front if jacuzzi and got in. So at this point I had my back to him half hanging. I dont know what would have happened had not a sudden light shone outside with the sound of a car driving into the motel park. The guy was gone in a flash and I now looked up at the empty window and then immediately down at myself, admiring what Id shown. My husband burst from his hiding place absolutely thrilled with what had transpired. Hell be back for more, I know, he enthused as he peered out of the window. I thought that Rob had enough of this game as I watched him draw the blinds, but he. Que rico.. asi asi ay que rico ay que rico.. asi papi asi no pare asi asi tan rico uhuh uh uh uh uh ay yes uh uh.. huh… yess.. asi asi asi asi.. te gusta como meneo las caderas para ti bebe.. me encanta tu rica verga en mi panocha.. oh my god.. asi.. fuck me nephew….yess fuck me so fucken good nephew… i knew you were good but damn…uhuh…. uhuh…. uhuh… yes.. yes.. yes.. yes oh god YES!!!it slowly started to progress faster and more intense…she started to ride me faster and harder as she was.

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