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It helped, so I had another.I considered the situation. Gwen and I had been married 22 years. We had two daughters in college. We had worked and sweat...d for everything we owned. We had always been a team and it was difficult to consider life without her. Still, I had to accept that she fucking another man in my bed at that moment. What should I do?Divorce was the obvious answer, and the most likely. I knew that. Then I thought about how I could divorce Gwen anytime. That was the simple part.. He slipped some fingers inside my hole as his mouth licked at my neck. His mouth sucked hard on my neck, drawing the blood to the surface, giving me a hickey.His fingers started to work on my pussy, and it didn't take long for the squelching sound to reach my ears. My body started to shake and I could feel my orgasm building up in my legs. I started to whimper and groan and just as I was about to reach my peak, he pulled his fingers from me.I scowled in frustration that seemed to just make him. It tells me there is interest.“Jenny Chen?”“You must have noticed a Chinese girl walking through the mall, she is someone everyone notices.”She must be my Chinese vision that eyed me each time she passed. What a small world. Jayden sits and moves her jacket to the sides of her body. My reaction is a immediate hard-on. Her breasts are smallish puffy cones, rising maybe an inch from her body, her dark nipples are prominent, not big, but very eye appealing. Looking up she is smiling. Hell, I. Of course I wasn’t going to use the condoms but I thought if it looked like there was the option I wouldn’t look like a total whore even though I obviously was.Suddenly I heard footsteps coming down the hall and in came Thomas who was now completely naked. When I looked at him from head to toe I realized he was even more muscular then I had previously thought. He had a nice 4 pack with big arms and nice pecs and there between his legs was his still hard 9 inch cock ready to rip my ass like a.

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