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Jackie had given Amber more orgasms than everyone else in Amber’s sex life combined, and no one knew better than her when Amber was aroused. Jackie...was very curious about what this man might do to her sweet angel, and as she lowered herself to her knees to watch what was about to happen between the two of them, she whispered aloud, “If you try and fuck each other down there, your asses are mine. Nobody got my permission to fuck.”Will’s kisses all over Amber’s nipples were driving her crazy. . My cock was still hard. But the tension had eased to be replaced with a feeling more of curiosity as to what was going on as opposed to an overwhelming need to know every detail. After about 20 minutes my phone pinged, a single image told me they were finished. My wife lay on the bed, covered in sweat, her cheeks flushed, she looked spent, exhausted. She held one hand up towards the camera, hiding her face, clearly laughing about something. Between her slightly splayed legs I could see cum. She nodded inresponse and walked to her new room, her new home."So, what are your plans for spring break Jane?" Diana asked as shepassed the spinach casserole over to Jane who accepted with someunease, as she had been munching on a garlic knot for some time. "Ohwell, I don't know....will have to see if any of my friends are stillin town, though more likely they are out at the beach orsomething....." trailing off as Jane looked around a bit. "Ah well, Istill got work so whatever you got planned,. Thursday rolled around. It was my birthday, or at least the day we had picked after the Greys had adopted me. I knew a party was planned, but wasn't sure of the details. It wasn't a surprise party, but it had been made clear that I was to stay out of the way until it was time for the party to start.I was up early, and just home from my morning run when Emily finally called."Hey, Cas," she said when I picked up."Emily! How are you? I've been worried." I know. I'm ok, I guess. We got the news.

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